12 - 14 Aug 2020


Chinese Investment in Ethiopia Reaches USD 4 billion

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said USD 4 billion Chinese investment was operating in Ethiopia. According to a spokesperson of the Ministry, there are 400 Chinese investment projects with over hundred thousand job opportunities in Ethiopia of which 100 projects were established in joint venture with Ethiopian partners.

In 2017, Ethiopian high level officials exchanged 10 official visits with their Chinese counterparts and held discussions with Chinese government officials to strengthen their comprehensive strategic partnership.

It is anticipated that 50 Chinese investors will engage in Chinese Business Week Conference in order to make partnership agreements with Ethiopian companies.

This year’s FOCAC summit will be held in Beijing from September 03 to 04, 2018. With a view to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebeyehu will participate in the summit.

According to the spokesperson, in the 2017/18 fiscal year, China awarded 2000 scholarships for MA and PHD Ethiopian students.

Soruce: 2Merkato.com/Ethiopian News Agency/2M editor

Published: 08/31/18